Friday, September 14, 2012

how to make money blogging

It is now 4 years old I am blogger, I use Google adsense to how to make money blogging. I will teach you how to make money from a blog.

Start by finding a blog platform I you Council between blogspot or WordPress.
You can create a free account.
Find a niche. A niche is something that the user want to Lira as the weight loss, make money online, and begin to write.
Do the research by keyword with your friendly search engine content. After the publication of each post I you advice to share on social networks, Ping your blog to send your post to the search engine, sharing on the bookmaking.
Now sign up with adsense and other affiliate programs that you will save money read this post to learn 28 ways to earn money with blog.

Get u n readership leaving others aware of your blog, through electronic bulletin boards, forums for discussion, e-mail signature, comments su other blog etc.
Send to blacklinks to your blog to optimize on the search engines.
Keep your audience by keeping your content frequently at least 3 - 5 times a week. talk with your visitor by the comment that left on your blog.

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